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Iso Grifo

Ferrari and Lamborghini owners are snubbing their nose at the combination of Italian design with American power, even though the price of an Iso Grifo, which costs around 58,000 DM, is similarly high, if not higher. Although their owners respect the supremacy of Italian V12, not without pointing to the difference in solidity to American machines.

However, the more powerful ones do not seem to like the high compression of 10.5 upto 11.25. The knocking stops ignoring the ignition and losing 11 kW (15 hp), but thermal problems at full power demand will remain. Maybe as compensation, there will later even be a version with 7.4 liters.

That's what happens if you give your designers a free choice at the ingredients: engine from the Corvette, as well as transmission or 5 ZF gears, Dunlop disc brakes, Burmann steering, Salesbury differential. Additionally as Bertone designer the young Giorgetto Giugiaro and the engineer Giotto Bizzarrini, just 'divorced' from Ferrari.

So it has been praised by the one as a dream car on the one hand and on the other hand scolded by the others as a pattern for bad workmanship. Two years after the early death of company founder Renzo Rivolta, his son Piero brought the Grifo with a displacement of seven liters in 1968, recognizable by the large scoop (Penthouse) on the bonnet.

It follows a version with folding headlights and obvious payment difficulties, the transition to Ford engines, not just to the delight of the fan community. 1974 the last Grifo is produced after just over 400 copies. Incidentally, the yellow grifo at the top has 7 liters with approx. 500 hp, special aluminum and oil cooling and wis offered in 2017 for € 319,000. 12/17

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