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2021 Hyundai i30 N

The facelift brings a few changes with it. Perhaps the most important is the introduction of the new eight-speed dual clutch transmission with paddle shifters. Wouldn't have been absolutely necessary and is also quite expensive with an additional charge of € 3,000. There is now a special shift mode for 20 seconds with the lowest possible gear up to the engine speed limit.

The performance has increased moderately by 4 KW (5 HP) and the permanently available torque by almost 40 Nm. Which cannot be said of the prices, because the price for the cheapest i30 N rose from € 25,990 in 2017 to € 32,950 now, which was more than for a Performance model (€ 32,200) at the time.

There are still the hatch and fastback variants.

Weight is said to have been saved when replacing cast rims with forged rims (subject to a surcharge) with the same dimensions per wheel 3.6 kg, for the sports seats each 1.1 kg, for which the packages initially require € 1,700 (comfort package) and then another € 1,400. The exhaust system, which has also got larger in diameter, has been retuned, audio sample here.

The interior has otherwise remained the same, except for the now 10.25 '', largely free-standing central display. The highlight is the new presentation, which is also outstanding in terms of the visual design and changeability, of a total of seven properties, mainly relating to the drive and chassis.

Only red is at no extra charge; Performance: +2.800.€)

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