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2020 Hyundai i10 N

Anyone who opts for the Hyundai i10 N in full equipment should first of all know that the basic i10 is available for a good half. The drive is also available in the Kia Picanto. If you compare the basic prices, the latter is almost € 2,000 cheaper, with both fully equipped only € 500 to € 1,000 difference, depending on whether you give the Hyundai a separate roof color.

We stick with these two test candidates. You have to be happy that there are still small cars in this class. The up! GTI is not an option because it has 11 kW (15 HP) more, but if the equipment is the same, if at all possible, it has a much higher price. The i10 N looks half a class bigger because of its slightly longer length and wheelbase. Its greater width and lower height are also impressive.

Is such a speedster with 185 km/h actually expensive? A little bit in terms of consumption, but if you don't use the extra power continuously, you will hardly notice it. Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in more than 10 seconds is no longer a reason to brag. All the more the opportunity to enjoy the various qualities of the i10 N in a small group.

It's just too expensive for the city, but definitely a touring car for two people, and possibly three too. However, you would have to show the unpleasant contemporaries who want to blow you from the left lane, sometimes briefly what the car is capable of and then move back to the right. At least you can do that and the comfort has also outgrown its former classmate.

Unscrew the antenna in front of the car wash.

More than 1,000 liters of luggage space and an asymmetrically divisible backrest for three, that could perhaps be enough. The i10 N is also not a noise maker with indicated openings in the diffuser. There isn't much choice in the drive either. In exchange it has little electronic helpers on board, something the middle class of cars dreamed of not so long ago. And buttons for operation, where can you still find them today?

The navigation package even includes traffic sign recognition.

The steering wheel can only be adjusted in height, but it can be heated all around. Likewise the seats, even three-step. There is an open and a closed part of the glove compartment. There is no need for a particularly agile search for hard plastic, but the seats have a comfortable fabric cover. Even people with a somewhat more stable figure are more likely to find lateral support in them than slimmer ones.

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