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2020 Hyundai Tucson

Since 2004 more than 7 million units have been sold worldwide. Instead of an expected facelift, the fourth generation is now coming, only 5 years after the third. We agree with Hyundai that the new one has a 'distinctly different identity in a crowded segment'. However, the 'jewel surface' has yet to be discovered ...

These are the daytime lights, which, together with their half-mirrors, fit into the grille on the left and right. If they are not lit, their part of the grille is not different. The whole construction gives the front a character of its own, quite defining, but still without chrome.

It is unbelievable how the main headlights and especially the lights at the bottom have been integrated on the sides. Shapes of bizarre rarity open up. The sides bring together several beads created at the front and back in a strange and unusual way, sometimes with great sweep without any recognisable reason.

The rear, although actually also eventful, appears rather plain compared to the front and sides. Perhaps the wiper hidden under the rear spoiler is worth mentioning. If you look at it long enough, you almost like the rear, which uses relatively few effects, even more than the front.

Inside, the impression of special features is continued by surfaces that avoid hard plastic even in the lower regions. Instead of individual nozzles, more air shafts on the outside, allowing the design to continue into the doors. A new feature in the centre console is a so-called full keypad with a 10.15 inch diameter.

The 2.5L four-cylinder petrol engine does not (yet) make it to Europe; instead, all engines have a displacement of 1.6 litres, in some cases considerably less than before for the Diesel. Except for the smallest one, there is always a 48V mild hybrid on board. A real hybrid with 169 kW (230 hp) system power is also avaibable from the beginning on, the Plug-in version probably comes a little later.

The choice of assistance systems will probably slightly exceed the usual level with the observation of cross traffic. In addition, the Near Field Ccommuncation, which Hyunday has long since introduced, which, for example, allows the vehicle to be opened only with a corresponding smartphone.

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