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2021 Hyundai Bayon

Of course, the name of the southern French town is deliberately misspelled, it should be 'Bayonne'. Unlike Biarritz, it is not located directly on the sea, but a little upstream on the Adour. Starting at the mouth of the Garonne and Dore rivers to the south, it is a distinctly holiday area on the Bay of Biscay, which is known here for its high waves.

A crossover (SUV) based on the i20 would fit there. 14 cm longer than the i20 and thus very close to the Kona, but with a 'sharp look' that sets it apart from the Kona. Presumably the smaller models are allowed to do this, leaving nothing as it is, tearing everything open.

The front with daytime running lights at the top still shows a resemblance to the Kona, but at the sides at the latest, there is a departure from the Ioniq 5, even with additional edges, although its single angled edge still looks like a stroke of genius. The rear end is completely out of character, even appearing erruptive compared to the Ioniq 5.

It is the time of the tailgates, which only look aesthetically pleasing when closed, as in the ID.3 with the large gaps on both sides. On the Bayon, it's the Z-shape from the side that could look a little strange on an open hatch. Nevertheless, this rear end can certainly not be accused of boredom and it has not been seen like this before, not even on other vehicles with split rear windows.

Active Lane Departure Warning
Navigation-based cruise control with adaptive cruise control
Traffic sign recognition
High beam assist
Autonomous Emergency Brake Assist
Front collision warning with pedestrian and cyclist detection
Optional turn-off function
Attention Assist
Collision alert
Incupant alert
Active Blind Spot Assist
Rear parking assist, emergency braking function
Active rear cross-traffic alert
Parking assist

Inside, of course, the interior of the i20 with a digital 10.25'' cockpit. The same size is also available for the display in the centre or in simpler equipment with 8''. Electrically, 48V mild hybrid technology is possible for the two stronger engines, e.g. sailing with the six-speed gearbox for the weaker one and the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox for the stronger one.

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