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2023 Honda e:NY 1

A flap opens at the front, not just for a part of the front, but broad and in the middle. A slightly stronger light turns on if you have to charge in the dark at night and there are also springy flaps in front of the actual plug connection.

This is how Honda thinks of the second pure electric car, the body largely taken over from the HR-V, but at least on its own electric platform. This would explain the letters 'e', also known from the Honda e, and 'N' or 'y' for the new platform.

With the cryptic of the designation one wanted probably to emulateToyota with the 'bz4x'. We will see that as a Japanese company, one don't share all the views about electric cars with the Europeans. But first we still enjoy the undoubtedly eye-catching body.

So this is an HR-V from the outside, 4 cm longer due to the charging flap mentioned. As you will see, the Honda e:Ny 1 has rather amazing technical similarities to the Hyundai Kona. So it too has front-wheel drive, no frunk and at least the same engine power as the old Kona.

Compared to the new one, it is only 3 cm longer, so the interior conditions should be about the same. Not so the luggage compartment, because the of eNy 1 is already smaller than that of the old Kona, that of the new much larger. The net battery capacity is also 2.6 kWh below that of the new Kona.

Charging performance with a lot of room for improvement . . .

This is how it goes on, because the charging power is 2 kW below that of the old Kona, here with the new Kona another 14 percent more, as you can see from the charging time from 10 to 80 percent that has already become known. However, if the curb weight of 1,663 kg proves true, it would be significantly more favorable than with the Hyundais.

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