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2021 GWM - ORA CAT

No, as it looks at first glance, it is not always like this. Why? Because 'CAT' in Chinese cannot be translated using the English 'cat'. It should be a name given in our font for a friendly, good partner. It should be the name given in our font for a friendly, good partner. The front also shouldn't remind us so much of a Mini, but rather a bit more of a Porsche.

Because a product with a similar front end is currently entering the world stage, namely the ORA PUNK CAT, which is worth taking a quick look at in our last video to see which group has been heavily copied here. Inside there is more reason to be reminded of a Mini, namely with the row of buttons in the middle of the dashboard (picture below).

What is really originary is the rear end with its narrow lights and a light band in the rear window, all of which one has probably never been seen before and therefore takes some getting used to. However, you are almost overwhelmed by the design of the interior and there in particular by the avoidance of hard plastic and the color concept. The combination of dark gray with red on the dashboard in the first video is also very nice.

And the interior is also as vegan as possible.

An enormous difference in the harmony outside and inside. Everything seems to be coherent, which seems rather unusual with other pure electric cars. However, the opposite applies to the luggage compartment and its high loading sill. There is enough driving and parking assistance, also an obviously additionally installed drowsiness detection, probably because the EU is planning to make this compulsory in a senseless way.

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