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GWM Wey - Coffee 01

You may have been amazed at the strange name, but in China the model is called 'Mokka' and the name is already taken in Europe, as you may know. The vehicle will only be available on the market in the first half of 2022. The German headquarters is currently under construction and already has 17 of the planned 50 employees.

No, the brand 'Wey', named after the CEO of the parent company Great Wall Motors Jack Wey, was already represented at the IAA in 2017, as the picture above proves. Once again, they brought along a prototype, a stretch limousine with, for example, rotating seat configurations.

Something may still change in terms of the naming. The company is very creative in using the electronic environment outside of the car. They want to bring out a video game where you can earn credit points that one can then use for free electric charging. Greetings from Tesla with its 'Referral Code'.

The purely electric range of this hybrid SUV is different from that of others. No other plug-in hybrid has such a large battery. If it weren't so huge, recharging on the route would be even more worthwhile. After all, it has the typical connection of pure electric cars.

The parent company claims to do everything itself, combustion engines, automatic transmissions, batteries and probably also the electric motors. The gasoline engine can also be found in vehicles from the subsidiary Haval, for example. There is no trace of alleged Chinese imitation with this model, nor bad workmanship, the opposite is true for the materials used.

If the price for such a complete and, apart from the luggage compartment, almost luxurious car is even approximately true, it will be a minor sensation. And if the price is still too high, Wey will also be showing the smaller Coffee 02 with a 35 kWh battery, shorter wheelbase and adapted design at the IAA 2021.

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