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2021 Ford Ranger

It's actually easy to imagine that at some point, and perhaps already now, there will be people who don't want to be modern and electric, even partially electric. For example, they have to or want to pull a large trailer, so electric cars are out of the question.

No, the scent of freedom and adventure resonates here a bit, also due to all-wheel drive, almost unlimited loading freedom and still up to five people on board. And if these people hurry, they also have the choice between different powerful diesel engines, where else is there that?

But the large Diesel engine was dropped from the program. You should try out whether the most powerful two-liter fits your own, possibly enormous transport volume. And then the unbeatable price for such a monster, 34,400 € incl. manual air conditioning. No wonder that it is the best-selling pickup in Europe. In the U.S., even three pickups from different manufacturers are at the top of the registration figures.

However, there is a catch to the story, namely you can only choose the single cab in this equipment variant and at most instead of the 96 kW (130 hp) the 125 kW (170 hp) for just under 1,800 € more. Very sympathetic, however, the exterior color red costs no extra. You can even get it for self-fitting without a box, which unfortunately costs €1,500 more instead of less.

And if that's not enough, there's a top model, the Ranger Raptor, with a ten-speed automatic transmission, sports bar, cargo area blind, black instead of chrome, and a number of electronic gadgets, albeit at twice the price of the entry-level variant. At first, you're a bit disbelieving when you realize that the payload is only half that of the entry-level model and that the towing capacity is limited to 2,500 kg.

In addition to the Raptor, there are also the Limited, Wildtrak and Standard XL packages. But it's the Raptor with standard trailer hitch that has the more limited towing capacity. Probably not good for more. And of course the biggest wheels, which in this case means 285/70 R 17, probably hard to come by in Europe.

Ranger Stromtrak; extra or double cab for €52,400 and €52,800 respectively.

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