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2020 Ford Puma ST

Of course it is always a problem to create an ST model from a normal one. It must not be too far away from the basic models in terms of price. Of course we don't know at what point the Ford designers have started, just assume the changes that are most favourable for the manufacturer.

There is the car colour, which is now mixed especially for the ST version and is reserved for this only. Ford goes one step further and paints the black edges on the wheel arches, which are otherwise necessary because of the higher position compared to the Fiesta. Then they take rims that are otherwise not available in the extra charge list of the Puma, in this case even in two versions, matt and high gloss, but only in the X version (+2.000 €).

They really haven't spent much yet, but you notice the red pencil on the brakes, because they look a bit poor behind the great Y-design of the rims. The normal Puma already has a front spoiler. Ford has given the St-version a second one in black underneath and writes 'FORD PERFORMANCE' on it. Of course the radiator grille now also has the shiny black colour.

The seats make something special with their enormous cheeks. In principle, you already know them from the Fiesta ST, but this does not detract from their effect. Then it's time to spread the ST lettering on the radiator grille at the front, on the tailgate at the back, on the seats, on the steering wheel, but at least not on the centre of the rim. No, they have not been content with these changes. There is a different steering wheel cover, gear knob and design of the passenger panel on the dashboard.

The Race track has been added to the modes and the Sport mode can be selected directly from the steering wheel. Which brings us to the engine, being basically taken from the Fiesta ST, but with 30 Nm more torque due to the extra weight of the Puma. It is supplied exclusively with six gears that are manually shifted. Two real exhaust ends side by side, at the left one the switchable flap for special occasions is already visible.

Actually a little bit strange is the fact that you first raise a normal Fiesta to the crossover and then lower it again as ST version. The latter must be the case, although the Puma ST is only a few millimetres lower. Again, there is talk of reworking the chassis. We want to believe the technicians because of the much more direct steering. The only thing missing at the end is the mention of a mechanical limited-slip differential.

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