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2020 Ford Puma

Ford Puma, we've been over this. Above you can see the small Coupé based on the Fiesta, built from 1997 to 2001. Now the name has been taken from the almost inexhaustible reservoir of filed names and is also considered quite suitable for this cross-over. So the purchase of the name rights of Puma Brasilia at that time is worthwhile twice.

Compared to today, the engine and driving performance are not very different, the outer shape much more. It still belongs to the B segment, but there it now has an incredible amount of competition. We only want to compare it with the of the same company, the Ecosport, which has just been renovated. At first glance this one seems to be much cheaper, but that is deceptive, because the Puma is initially only offered with upscale equipment.

At the moment there is only one engine that would be comparable and with this the Ecosport is only marginally cheaper. After all, its range of drives is already larger, because it is also available with a smaller petrol, Diesel engine and automatic. The Puma will have to wait a little longer for the optional 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and a 1.5-litre Diesel four-cylinder with 110 kW (150 hp).

As you can see, the two models are not far apart. Originally, the Ecosport was probably not intended for Europe, but now it has been around since 2014, so if you decide to buy it, you should consider the material and the interior in general. Because caution, for some people the Puma may be an eye-catcher.

Although it does not offer drives without a combustion engine, it offers a 48V mild hybrid that is adjustable in many ways. Then not the whole electrical system has 48V, but at least this car can sail under certain conditions. Whether the consumption is really as low as stated, you have to find out for yourself. After all, the tank is small enough and the CO2 values are better than those of the Ecosport.

The distance to the Fiesta should also be checked. Is it worth the €2,500 extra charge for 146 mm more length, 71 mm more width, 54 mm more height and 95 mm more wheelbase? Compare the extensive number of assistants on the Puma. Maybe you like the small bathtub in the luggage compartment, which is impressively shown in the last video. 01/20>br>

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