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2023 Ford E-Tourneo Custom

It is a premium electric car, with a new digital dashboard, 13'' touchscreen and the fourth version of Ford SYNC. Never seen before: The steering wheel can be moved to the horizontal position and extend a small flap at the bottom edge, so that, with an additional cover, it becomes a table, e.g. for a laptop.

The interior design is undoubtedly luxurious, which is not only evident in the Bang & Olufson sound system. Perhaps the first to be mentioned are the long rails for the second and third row seats at the same time. The individual seats that are already available on the Custom can even be installed turned.

It's not the charging performance that makes you sit up and take notice, but information about the battery does. It is commendable to mention the net capacity as well. It is said to be derived from that of the Ford Lightning and, as with the Elektro Transit, up to 2.3 kW should also be extractable again.

The new one with a plug-in and diesel engine is already on offer. It could be seen as a competitor for the new VW T7. The designations at Ford are a bit confusing. Compared to the electric Transit, it can often only be recognized by the different radiator grille.

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