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2022 Fisker Ocean

The external dimensions are pretty much the same as those of the Tesla Model Y.

Anyone who thinks they have heard of the brand before is exactly right. In 2011, the company's predecessor launched the Karma, a $ 102,000 plug-in hybrid sedan with two 150 kW electric motors and a 156 kW (212 hp) 2- liter gasoline engine from General Motors. With only 20 kWh, according to the manufacturer information, about 80 km were achieved purely electrically (manufacturer information).

So now here is a reestablishment of the Californian company that wants to at least bring the SUV Ocean to the American market by the end of 2022. Production takes place at Magna in Steyr (Austria), where the platform was also developed. Company boss Henrik Fisker, former designer at BMW and Aston Martin, is responsible for the design itself.

That is probably the real strength of the car, that it stands out from the usual designs. If you want to hear Fisker for yourself, please watch the second video below. Two more special features: The rear window can be lowered, hence the type designation.

The solar roof can also be added. The base price seems astonishing, but in the Ocean Ultra version with all-wheel drive it is about $ 12,500 more expensive. The Extreme version will surpass this price by another $ 19,000. The first 5,000 Ocean One models will be just as expensive.

The interior is, as is typical for pure electric cars, relatively spartan apart from the 17.1 inch screen. However, this should be able to be aligned towards the driver's seat. The all-wheel drive versions obviously get larger than the 80 kWh or maybe even less battery of the base, because their ranges are specified with 544 to 560 km.

As usual at Fisker, almost only recyclable materials are used inside.

A production at the Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn is even planned for the fourth quarter of 2023. The not only works on behalf of Apple, but also for Sony, HP, Microsoft, Nintendo and Intel. This is a step into the production of electric cars.

Spanish subtitles possible . . .

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