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2020 Fiat Tipo

As good as the new Fiat Tipo Cross does on this site, we would take the more simply furnished Tipo without any add-ons. If space is an issue, the estate would come into question after close scrutiny with only 25 litres more, but again in the most basic trim. Why? Not to deliberately harm the manufacturer, but rather to pay homage to its nevertheless quite extensive standard equipment.

There is manual air conditioning and a steering wheel that can also be adjusted in length, a TFT instrument display and even assistants such as the one for lane keeping. Even an active radiator grille is included. Comparable models have higher basic prices. But if you are seduced by the looks of the Cross, you will have to pay an extra €4,500.

Yet the Cross does not offer more space. On the contrary, it is less than in the station car. With only 4 cm of height increase, it is a fairly easy to build version, which is equipped with features that are usually only partly needed. Admittedly, with the Tipo in its basic configuration, you're blocking yourself from all sorts of extras, even those as the alloy wheels. Which is, of course, the manufacturer's intention. But this also shows how cheaply it is priced. Unfortunately, we only have a picture (below) from the rear.

Before choosing a Diesel engine, you should calculate carefully. A Fiat Tipo is not usually bought for very far and frequent drives. At least it's commendable that the manufacturer doesn't just offer one extra, albeit at 2,000 € and an additional 1,700 € surcharge. Less praise goes to the company for the Tipo's lack of an automatic gearbox and any electrification. On the other hand, it is absolutely right to omit the notchback version in Germany.

The only difference between the petrol Tipo and the VW Golf are additional 7 kW (10 hp), 8 cm in length and 4 cm in height. Even the unladen weight is the same. At €2,500, this makes you think. However, one should keep the car longer in view of the loss when reselling it. Incidentally, the Tipo has not changed much from 2020, mainly in the rear lights and the front apron.

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