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2020 Ferrari Roma

Please watch at least the first video below while it is still available.

It's obvious, with such a price of almost 200.000 € they probably might have thought, it doesn't matter to take two of them. Because somehow he and she belong together, learn to not recognizable only by the same vehicle. No, a race through the city is no longer opportune, especially not with so much engine power.

The operation of the dual-clutch transmission is reminiscent of earlier splitter shifting.

A small hint is given by the film below with the book that the male part acquires antiquarian before starting. On one of the pictures below you can see that the title is 'La dolce vita' (The sweet life). The corresponding film by Fellini takes place in Rome in the fifties. Famous is the scene with the busty Anita Ekberg in the Trevi Fountain. Therefore the first picture above from the fountain towards the Spanish Steps.

Finally, a video that does justice to the advertised vehicle and befits an icon. Four new vehicles have been presented by Ferrari since early 2019. From this one here it is assumed that 70 percent of the customers who ultimately decide to buy a Roma are buying a Ferrari for the first time.

It is unpretentious, hardly classifiable as a new Ferrari. It is also new, because for a very long time V12 engines were installed in the front, then there were hardtop convertibles, such as the California and Portofino, carrying this engine. Here we have a 2+2 Coupé, but not like the Mondial with rear mid-engine. You see, also from the drive train very conventional, the engine power of a SF 90 Stradale by far not exploiting the potential.

Icon because the design is very restrained. First of all, this is due to the engine in the front, which eliminates all possibilities for ventilation in the rear. Apertures for cooling the brakes are being sought in vain. Of course there is no shop window to the engine. It would be difficult, because the engine is moved very far back, which is in line with the lines of the hood.

With the barely accentuated shark's mouth, the simplicity has been almost exaggerated, but when you stand in front of the car, it is hardly visible, except for the headlights and the optional sensor in the front, it is not very noticeable. The sides calmly styled, almost without beading. Only the rear lights are still housed in the surrounding edge, typical for Ferrari. A large diffusor is not to be found, the exhaust pipes on both sides different length.

Rome celebrates with the Ferrari Roma naturally not its 150th anniversary at all, but as capital of the united Italy.

On the inside, the surrounding strips scream at you depending on the contrast you have chosen. Three screens, one of which is for the passenger. As here also rpm, speed and navigation are displayed, this can be controlling or supporting. Apart from the now white start button, there is hardly any difference to the previous one.

Small tailgate, foldable rear seat backs

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