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2020 D8 GTO-JD70

Whoever even tests it risks his driving licence.

No, not every car whose front wheels are fitted with their own offside steering cover can still be compared to a Lotus or Caterham Seven. This one has almost twice the power and more than two and a half times the torque. Not even the current Audi TT RS, from which the engine comes, has that much. However, Joop Donkervoort started production of the Lotus Seven and engine from Ford at 1979.

The wheelbase of the D8 GTO.JD70 is hardly longer than that of a Caterham, although it is almost half a metre longer. Apparently Joop Donkervoort also at his 70th, hence the last number in the type designation, weighs every gram. How can you recognise this? Well, there are 'only' 5 mechanical gears, with this weight and torque now really not a problem, and not yet a normal power steering, but a mechanical differential lock.

Power and/or torque values can't be calculated correctly together with the specified speeds according to of the formula P = M * n / 9550.

The last enthusiasts of the power-to-weight ratio have a hard time. Safety and exhaust emissions have to be taken into account, and recently a particulate filter had to be added. Actually impossible, to accommodate everything in one sidepipe. That's why the car has its chocolate side on the left. Only for the racetrack there is an exhaust system which is rather typical for the car.

The sound is just right here, which is violently amputated by Euro 6 Temp. But also the potential customers, because in addition to the purchase price pay 3.500 for each carbon wheel in order to save 1.5 kg each, apart from the price of such a vehicle, which makes perfect sense.

The purchase price, converted to Germany, would be about €5,000 cheaper than in the Netherlands. This, and even more, could be provided for the long list of surcharges. In addition to the racing accessories, this includes an ultra-light air conditioning system, Xenon headlights (!), rear view camera, alarm system, colour display and an interior design package.

The top speed of the Donkervoort is higher in comparison to the Audi TT RS, probably only because the latter has the larger cross-sectional area and is limited to 250 km/h. The cW value is not given. The car seems to have problems here. So the design of the front wheels together with their covers is aerodynamically not very favourable. They helped themself, as by the way also on the bonnet, with enormous many air openings to the rear.

It might not have been easy to keep such a fast car on the road. Weight might have helped, but it just isn't. After all, the rear end with its double diffuser probably makes it easier to get the exhaust through the sidepipe.

Donkervoort wins the 24h of Dubai 2011 with the D8 GT.

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