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2023 Dongfeng - Voyah Free

There are certainly easier tasks than competing against the German automobile top league in Europe. It would probably have been better to choose the compact class for the Voyah, even though it is already quite well occupied.

But the tasks at Dongfeng from Wuhan, the eighth largest Chinese car manufacturer, are strictly separated. It has been operating there since 1969 and is known as the largest truck producer in terms of numbers.

There are connections to Renault, Stellantis and especially Honda.

You could easily imagine a Voyah Free that had shrunk in size and had the same shape. However, such a massive SUV is no longer unusual in the luxury class, as long as it meets the higher demands there.

And except for one, it seems to do that, and even exceed it, with a height-adjustable dashboard. No, the vehicle is well made, offers plenty of space, three 12.3'' screens and has a very good battery capacity.

The appearance doesn't exactly overwhelm the mostly conservative SUV buyers in this segment, except perhaps from the front, where the car doesn't look very harmonious under the grill (see last video). If it costs 70,000 francs in Switzerland, that would be equivalent to € 73,500 in Germany.

The German manufacturers have to make an effort because the car is apparently well equipped at this price too. And the only thing you can blame it for, namely the weak charging performance, can probably be fixed with the next facelift.

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