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2020 Spring Electric

Order only possible from mid 2021, delivery then from autumn.

Up to now Dacia has offered cheap cars in a really exemplary way, but they are fully suitable for everyday use and probably also for holidays. But now the system that has worked so far is reaching its limits. Also the Renault group has to calculate the production of a battery and that pushes the purchase price up.

Actually there is nothing to be said against transferring the Renault K-ZE from China to Europe. After all, the equipment of the even cheaper car there is adapted to European standards. After all, the almost adventurous specifications of the range of 271 km overland and 350 km in the city have been adjusted a little bit.

You have to imagine that. All this should be possible with a battery of 26.8 kW gross. Even if we subtract only 10 percent to get the net value of 24.1 kW, that would still not even be 7 kWh per 100 km. And this for an SUV named vehicle over 1.5 m high. One could come to the conclusion that you can tell everything to the Chinese people .

For Europe, the ranges have shrunk to 225 and 295 km according to WLTP, respectively, and at 8.1 kW/100 km in the city are still completely unrealistic. And what is the consequence? Anyone who is serious about driving can only consider it as a city runabout or for the way to work, but not for a trip on holiday. Especially not because it charges DC only with up to 30 kW.

At home, it is not particularly noticeable with the small battery that it can only be connected to alternating current in single phase. So the car gets the certificate, only suitable as a second car. If you subtract the current eco- rebate from the assumed price of 12,000 to 14,000 euros, it may be cheaper than some cars with combustion engines. But is it also environmentally friendly if some families add a car to their car?

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