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2021 DS 9

How does the DS 9 get its components? Naturally, it uses components from the Stellantis Group. Then there's the EMP2 platform, which apart from previous vehicles from the brand can also be found in the Peugeot 508, albeit another 18 cm longer, with the wheelbase, more important for the platform, contributing just under 11 cm.

The DS 9 will be available in a total of four variants, always with the 1.6L turbo four-cylinder from the Group, transversely as front-wheel drive. The differences result solely from the electric equipment. In addition to the gasoline-only model with 133 kW (180 hp), there will be hybrid versions with 81 kW (11.8 kWh) and 100 kW (15.6 kWh) and the additional rear drive with another 81 kW starting at 64,250 €.

Even with the first hybrid variant, access to the government subsidy pot of 5,625 € is possible. The entire powerplant is always accompanied by an eight-speed automatic. Overall, as a sedan, the car belongs to the D segment. However, most buyers are probably looking for it in China, where it is built.

In Germany, the base price of 47,550 € includes a rich interior with the exception of the optional Level 2 driving assistance. In addition to dual-zone automatic climate control, inductive charging and connectivity with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink, the 12-inch center display and the equally large one behind the steering wheel are digital. The former, however, looks significantly smaller in terms of the pure screen size.

The still young brand places a lot of emphasis on car history. DS' actually refers to the legendary Citroën model, which is all the more obvious in this premium sedan. Reminiscent of the latter are the three standard LED headlights on each side, which not only dim independently but can also rotate individually, resulting in either their rear or the cornering light already present in the Goddess. Also at the top rear of the roof, similar to the prototype, there are no turn signals, but there is a yellow taillight.

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