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2020 Citroën ë-C4

No, it cannot be compared with the Peugeot 208 or the Opel Corsa-e, although it is based on the same platform including battery size and engine power. It is simply 30 cm longer and 10 cm higher. A coupe-like limousine just needs space. Long live the silhouette. But it doesn't look bad on it either.

This design can also score points with a big tailgate, if it is not called 'Model' 3. Of course the backrest is foldable, too. Without it, the size of the luggage compartment is just about as large as that of the VW Golf. When opening the tailgate, it takes the upper part of the rear lights with it, which seems to not quite fit to the lower part anyway (picture below).

At the front, the usual system with the main headlamp under e.g. daytime running light has now been somewhat optimized. The headlight has moved very far up, leaving hardly any space for the one above, but thus providing more optimal street lighting. One may assume a higher weight than for example the 208. Nevertheless we are told that with 350 km (WLTP) the range is 10 km higher.

Lane Keeping Assist is described as 'active', which of course applies to Front Collision Warning and Emergency Brake Assist anyway. 'The Highway Driver Assist system is linked to the active cruise control with Stop&Go function and enables semi-autonomous driving at level 2'. An independent lane change is not yet planned.

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