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2017 BMW Spartanburg

If the new American President, Donald Trump, wants more car production in the US, perhaps it can meet VW with the extensive production in Mexico and Brazil, but not BMW, because their production in Spartanburg is with 411,000 units 2016 still significantly larger than that even of Mercedes.

Built from 1992 on, its production began already in 1994, first the 318i, then very soon the Z3. Improvements in Regensburg were necessary. In the meantime, BMW has invested more than 8 billion dollars, 9,000 employees working on approximately 500,000 square meters of roofed space on almost 50 hectares of ground, They also can use the company's own hospital.

A large 'X' (picture above) in front of the entrance points to the current product range. After the big three, Toyota, Renault/Nissan and Hyundai, it is the seventh highest producer in the US. Spartanburg, one of more than 25 BMW-bases in the US, is currently the largest BMW production facility in the world. From here 70 percent of the vehicles are carried out, which could be problematic if counter-measures on trumps import duties happen.

Trump should strongly feel about the 235 suppliers in the USA, 40 of them in South Carolina. The first BMW factory in the USA seems to be embedded in the city of Spartanburg with a population of nearly 40,000. But perhaps even the former BMW CEO and initiator of the plant Eberhard von Kuenheim may not have foreseen the fact that today, in 20 days, it will build as many cars as the whole of the first year.