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2023 BMW iX1 eDrive 20

No, our opinion on the combustion engine platform that is also available in the iX1 is not the point. We'll even leave the price aside for now. Why? Because after strict times after Corona, BMW apparently went back to the old discount system.

For example, if the iX3 is openly offered 20 percent cheaper through discounts, you might be able to take advantage of that if you like the car. Which brings us to the keyword, because it certainly looks pleasing.

Except for the blue areas, it also looks similar to its combustion engine and hybrid brothers. Unmistakably a BMW, not just from the outside, but also in the choice of materials and workmanship inside. Somehow, perhaps after small slip-ups at VW, this is a core competency of purely German car manufacturers.

Reason seems to have prevailed at BMW in the end, because the iX1 is now available with just one engine, driving the front axle, like its combustion engine colleagues. It's amazing that the prices aren't so far apart despite similar performance.

With its 64.7 kWh net, this time it is aimed with surprising precision at, for example, the new Hyundai Kona electric, which is just as expensive in its basic configuration and has just a touch more capacity, power and torque. Despite the slightly longer wheelbase, the Kona also has a little more space in front of the rear seat.

And even though we still have the old Kona as a new car, we would probably take the BMW. The German manufacturers can still play this trump card; they are closer to our feeling, at least in Germany and perhaps also in Europe. A BMW is still considered more valuable.

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