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BMW M4 GTS Concept

No, a true race car is the M4 GTS despite a strong engine and and many facilities certainly not, but allows to participate in the race scene travelling there on own wheels and certain comparisons of driving skills for at least 700 potential customers. The 7:28 minutes for the Nordschleife of Nürburgring are a recommendation.

Concept Presentation: Monterey Car Week, California

Also those who are not particularly enthusiastic about rear spoilers, may find the combination of bodywork colours and wheel-rims attractive. Give yourself a little time to savour the description of these colour-shades. Of course, 'Frozen Dark Grey Metallic' sounds a lot better than just 'Frozen Dark Grey'. The wheel-rim colour 'Acid Orange' has a similar effect.

368 kW (500 HP) from a 3 litre engine

This vehicle will appear on the market at the beginning of 2016, a good € 40.000 more expensive than the present M4-coupé. It is of course, also suitable for everyday use on the roads, indeed, it's probably destined more for the race-track. The engine boasts additional 50 kW and the car will probably carry 50 kg less weight, e.g., through the GFRP-bonnet (German-GFK). Both the front- and the rear spoilers are adjustable.

BMW is one of the first to realize something that has been haunting in the circle of experts for quite some time now, the already assumed to be dead water injection. Presumably, it can be applied most efficiently in particularly high-performance engines, where it is connected to the intake system. Through evaporation, it reduces the temperature of the water injected into the combustion chambers and allows a higher compression, an earlier ignition point and/or a higher boost-pressure.

Rear lights with organic LEDs

If you should ask yourself whether this car then lugs around a water-tank, this will probably be the case. Indeed, particularly imaginative and inventive engineers, have already had the idea of using the condensing water from the air-conditioner and possibly also the water gained from the exhaust gasses. One certainly can't accuse them of having run out of ideas. 08/15

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