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2017 BMW F750/F850 GS

A twin-cylinder inline is really problematic as a four-stroke engine, because at the same distances between the firing, the pistons always perform the same movement, which of course harms the mass balance. BMW has designed the crankshaft with just 90 instead of 360 degrees offset so that once 450 degrees and then again 270 degrees instead of each 360 degrees firing interval occur. There are also two balance shafts added.

These are two well distinguishable models, although BMW both counts them among the travel enduros, as 'GS' suitable for tour and offroad. More for traveling is the F 750 GS with less engine power, high economy and a lower seat height, while the F 850 GS represents the sporty and of course off-road qualities.

Standard are the driving modes 'Road' and 'Rain', ABS and the Automatic Stability Control are available. Additionally you can order 'Dynamic', 'Enduro' and 'Enduro Pro' (only for F 850 GS). There is also a dynamic traction control, an electronic chassis and the ABS Pro for inclined positions.

New is a steel bridge frame, in which prefabricated shells are welded together. The engine contributes to this concept. The tank is again between the seat and steering head. Also, with the 750 and the 850, two further design levels can be selected.

The new full-LED headlights round off the possibilities. The instrument cluster includes a 6.5-inch color display with an analog speedometer. With appropriate helmet equipment and Bluetooth connection to a smartphone playback of media and phone calls are possible, in addition, of course, navigation and trip records.

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