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2016 BMW Connected Drive

The system seems quite American, especially on the pictures above. But do not worry, BMW Connected Drive is now available in Europe, too. Conditions: a BMW with appropriate equipment package from 2011 on and iOS. With its market power Android will not be long in coming.

The digital revolution molts again. No longer just the user has to take the initiative. More tailored services are offered, much unnecessary ballast jettisoned.

You well know what a cloud is, and that the one of BMW can be addressed not only by smartphones, tablets and PCs of any kind. Even smart watches are possible for control and as messages transmitter. One example of new services: You give the system an input where you want to go to and when you want to be there.

So you have only a city specified as a destination and get from the system all the during earlier travels saved addresses there to choose one. The system can calculate the travel time, even consider your driving profile and of course includes the traffic situation (see videos). It is about saving your data obtained out of various sources.

In USA the system combined already with an advanced voice control. No longer take care about certain keywords. Especially helpful is Connected Drive for owners of pure electric vehicles with their charging and range problems. 08/16