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2015 BMW 6 series Facelift

The production series continues to bear the name F12/13. It's a facelift. Technically, not much has changed on the engine. The most powerful petrol engine (V8) becomes stronger 30 kW and 20 Nm, therefore removed a little more of the six-cylinder. Downsizing will probably come, but only with the next model change. On the transmission-side, no changes.

The BMW kidney grille is now more accentuated, also changed front and rear apron. The six-cylinder has changed tailpipe trims. The headlights have standard full LED, adaptably with glare-free highbeam use are an optional extra.

New colours
Jatoba Metallic
Cashmere Silver Metallic
Glacier Silver Metallic
Mediterranean Blue Metallic
Melbourne Red Metallic

Wheels, previously offered as an extra, are now standard and new 20-inch big are offered in addition, of course, in the new 4-spoke design. There is also the optional leather interior in bicolour look.

Also the inevitable flap in the exhaust is in this Grand Touring cars now, indeed disengageable, but standard. In addition, you can buy the much more reasonable dynamic damper control, more adaptive chassis changes and the active influence on the steering. 03/15

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