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2020 BMW 5 Series

How the front and rear have changed, you should definitely take a look at the first two videos below. You can hardly describe it so beautifully as it is shown there. The manufacturer claims not to have raised the prices, but compared to the G30 from 2017, there are partly significant price jumps.

Not much has changed in the performance and torque of petrol engines. Only the M version has already gained 50 kW and 100 Nm last year. The Diesel engines start with the unchanged base, but towards the top torque and power are increased. There is still nothing to see of the top model M550 d xDrive with four VTG-Turbochargers.

New is the mild hybrid on all models except the M550 i and of course the PlugIn 530e. There will be a second as 545 with six cylinders and the same electrical equipment. One speaks of a pure electric range of up to 70 km, so 50 km could be realistic. Charging however is only possible with single-phase alternating current, thus maximum 3.6 kW with 16 A fuse protection.

Not all engines are available for the Touring version, which costs 2,200 euros more, the same difference as before. With the new front, slightly modified headlamps have again been introduced, which now also have the option of 650 m wide shining laser beams. In total we have an increase in length of 27 mm for the sedan and 21 mm for the Touring.

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