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2020 BMW 4er Convertible

Whoever lives in Florida is lucky, not only because of the sun. Here you are allowed to drive a car without a number plate in front. You would then be the only one who could buy a 4-series convertible without hurt, suitable for the weather and with a converted entry price of 50,000 €.

Why so complicated? No, not us, but the BMW Corporation. They have managed to construct a car front to which no number plate can be attached. At most one with a screw or direct drive, to document the proximity to aircraft engines.

No, honestly, on the convertible it is noticeable how much the new grill disturbs the harmony. Imagine a pretty fairy with a beguilingly long dress and thick, chunky trainers. Well, we hear that the world has gotten used to something like that too, then she will survive this radiator grill too and maybe even cheer it on some day.

There is even a kind of compensation at the other side, because the spoiler there doesn't rise up but extends to the rear, as does the area of the bumper, not almost as clumsy as at the front. And all this where we finally get rid of the fixed roofs with their complicated mechanisms. However, the rear flap still folds up and back at the same time in a relatively complicated way. Presumably, the intention was to avoid having to open a flap completely at speeds of up to 50 km/h.

No, the grill in the front does not work. This stubbornness of emphasis, e.g. with the BMW logo sloping down in between, the inlets next to it and the chrome still multiplying in the middle. The use of diamonds inside doesn't help much anymore. The whole thing has a little bit of: Whoops, here I come.

Let's instead come to the chocolate sides, which are best revealed in side view, Almost 13 cm longer, a good 4 cm more wheelbase, harmonious side lines that still stretch the vehicle, rims with extremely filigree spokes, even brake disks that do not disappear in the dark of the rim because of their size, and all this combined with a slight wedge shape.

It is unbelievable how much the fabric soft top has gained in aerodynamic qualities. You get the feeling that a coupé roof is covered with fabric. Added to this is the almost seamlessly fitted glass pane. Apart from the privilege of possible direct sunlight, the interior offers no surprises compared to the coupé.

The Diesel and the M version are available with mild hybrid.

Apart from the M440i with four-wheel drive, only four-cylinder models are initially being offered, one of which is a Diesel. However, this will soon be reinforced with two six-cylinder engines. The market launch is not equal to delivery. Unfortunately we have to remind the somewhat late market launch in March 2021 as well as a possible fragmentation within the group, because, as beautiful as the car is, it is urgently needed and other vehicles are currently being promoted.

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