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2020 BMW 128 ti

There are those who claim that the new 128 ti is too expensive. Take a look at the table below and come to a more differentiated judgement. Obviously a BMW is always more expensive than a VW. The buyers of BMW seem to accept that. Especially since VW is currently not quite reaching the performance level with the GTI and can only offer the facelift of the Golf 7 R. The new one is supposed to have 245 kW (333 PS) and then it will even be tight for the M 135i.

128 tiFWD400 Nm195 kW8-W-A*41.474 €
M 135iAWD450 Nm225 kW8 W-A*48.252 €
Golf 8 GTIFWD380 Nm180 kW7 DSG37.607 €
Golf 7 RAWD400 Nm228 kW7 DSG43.200 €
S3 TFSIAWD400 Nm228 kW7 DSG46.203 €
A 35 AMGAWD400 Nm225 kW7 DSG47.796 €
A 45 AMGAWD480 Nm285 kW7 DSG56.228 €

No, obviously BMW compares itself to Mercedes. There the A 35 AMG is superior because of its performance and four-wheel drive, but it is also more than 6,000 € more expensive. Obviously the competitor is the M 135i, which is quite similar in almost all respects. So if you don't find an AMG-Mercedes too expensive, you shouldn't blame it on a sporty BMW.

If you add the Audi S3 TFSI, you can see how close the basic prices are. BMW has obviously put the 128 ti into a gap, because Mercedes has the next cheaper model 165 kW and for Audi 'only' 150 kW. However, the term t urismo internazionale seems out of place here. No, not only because it hasn't been used for 16 years and was naturally attached to rear-wheel drive cars.

The classic ti was not a niche model at BMW, but the sporty version for almost every engine, apart from the 'tii' and 'Turbo' even the sportiest. So the new one is in too big shoes and does not do justice to its history. By the way, the last one was also the successor of the slightly crashed compact model with cut off rear (last video below). In contrast, the new 1-series is a revelation.

However, it has taken a little too much makeup on the outside. The M 135i, not only the one in white, is pleasantly more discreet, unless you choose the performance version. But the red accessories or the adhesive strips in the colours white, sapphire black (especially terrible), mineral grey and Bay metallic can be cancelled.

Inside, the conspicuous features continue somewhat more discreetly. At least you don't have them in view all the time. Apart from these petit d'oeuvres, the composition seems to be successful overall. So if you don't need the same performance as the M 135i and want to save approx. 70 kg including its four-wheel drive, but still want to benefit from its sports suspension, you come to the right car here.

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