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2021 Audi Q4 e-tron

What does some poor scribbler do when, for the sake of completeness, he has to present a newly developed car but doesn't like it? It's your own fault, you will say, why did you choose this job? It probably doesn't help to point out that presenting new vehicles is by no means our only domain at

To make matters worse, in this case it is also not very possible to avoid the technology of the vehicle, because it is already sufficiently known through the MEB construction kit and other vehicles based on it. The only thing that really helps is to point out the difficulties for designers in such a large group to create cars that are clearly distinguishable from each other.

And clearly recognisable as an Audi, it is. But as much as we have praised design chief Marc Lichte so far, here one of his design teams has taken a turn in the wrong direction. I've never encountered so many beads on a car on the outside of pronounced sports cars and perhaps because of air intakes. But there are no air intakes on the side and yet, for me, the two in the centre at the bottom would already be too much, were it not for the two short ones at the bottom front and rear below and the one far above the wheel housings.

If you look at the hanging cheek pouches at the front left and right, you still choose the rear, which is undoubtedly not particularly reassuring either, as the best done. Could it be that this is one consequence of the electrification of our cars come to bear here for the first time, namely to be able to create the necessary divergence in technology, for example. One wonders what AMG and M models can still offer in terms of can still offer in terms of sportiness if it is highly probable that the time saved by driving fast will be lost again through frequent charging.

Admittedly, with this new, probably the only mouse-grey paintwork available at no extra charge, the car again looks much more civilian.

The Q4 e-tron is manufactured by VW in Zwickau.

If Ferdinand Piëch had already known or foreseen these consequences of e-mobility, he might not have bought all these brands. If the Passat is already being produced by Škoda, then that also shows how close together they are in terms of processing. How long will Audis like this new model still be able to score points in this category and with it the prices? The base price is €5,000 higher than that of the IQ.4 and a good €3,000 higher than the Skoda Eniaq (compare equipment!)


Q4 e-tron Sportback

Q4 e-tron

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