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2020 Audi A3 Sportback

The A3 has been around since 1996, but the Sportback only since 2004. So it didn't even get the round shape of the first A3. So this is the fourth generation A3 and only the third Sportback. You have to compliment Marc Lichte, who is head of design at Audi since 2014, on the fact that the vehicles themselves have lost much of the old-fashioned image.

What is there seems to be somehow necessary. It places itself almost as a matter of course. Gimmicks, like a gap under the hood as a reminiscence of the quattro, are omitted. The block design on the very outside under the headlights is beautiful, as is the honeycomb pattern on the radiator grille and the corners at the bottom left and right that fill the space as if they were taken for granted. There the lower simple spoiler fits in seamlessly.

It is easy to say that the cars of today look more and more alike. But who could come up with the idea that the A3 and the VW Golf are practically identical under the front end design. The rear of the A3 Sportback is not very spectacular, but perhaps that is why it is so appealing. If one of the dynamic indicators is not being used, it might be reassuring to drive behind it. None of the frequently found, unmanned conspicuous features of the new age disturb the eye.

If you get in, you could grumble about the many virtual keys, just like in the Golf. But if you compare it with the predecessor A3, a certain tidying up was probably necessary. Moreover, not all controls have disappeared, three rows with interruptions under the touchscreen in the middle. In contrast to the big ones, some of which don't deserve their name, the second smallest Sportback has always been worth considering.

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