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1978 Audi 80

The Audi 80 remains in contrast to the Passat, which was developed from it by Italdesign. As the B2, it still has the hatchback and, as the B3, is no longer recognizable as a former Audi 80 derivative.

Consequently, the Audi is more of the conservative, the comfortable one with half a class more space and more than 500 liters of luggage space. From 1984 there was even a parallel model called 'Audi 90' before both were removed in 1986.

Almost 7 cm more wheelbase and 14 cm more interior length characterize the Audi 80 of the second generation as well as a much more striking design. It gains around 80 kg, presumably not counting the long list of extras. A lot happened during its time, e.g. the introduction of the Quattro drive.

The coupe of the same name has the five-cylinder turbo engine, while the sedan has 'to be content with' the naturally aspirated engine, i.e. 'only' a maximum of 100 kW (136 hp) instead of 147 kW (200 hp). Perhaps the simple diesel engine from the Golf available from 1980 is even more suitable for such a sedan, especially as it was supplemented by a turbo version in 1982.

With 74 liters in the tank, a range of over 2,000 km is achieved in an adventurous way due to an inclined position.

A byway in the direction of the then urgently needed thriftiness is taken with the 'Formula E', long translations and automatic start-stop should fix it. The three-speed automatic transmission, which was common at the time, is available for the more comfortable clientele. Before the Audi 90 comes still the Audi 80 CD.

One wonders how the manufacturer, of course together with the mother VW, was able to conjure the many variants up in such a relatively short time. Wikipedia lists 14 four- and 4 five-cylinder petrol engines alone, not counting the two diesel engines. In addition to the usual L, S, LS, GLS and GLE designations, the 'C' will later be added as 'CC', 'CD', and 'SC2', among others.

And then we haven't mentioned the Audi 80 GTE, with the new long-stroke 1.8L fuel-injected engine and five-speed transmission. The 1984 facelift accustomed potential customers to the successor, adapted to the big brother, the Audi 100 C3. In addition to even more pomp, e.g. with broadband headlights, the aerodynamics find its way into the car.

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