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F7 F9 

2013 Aston Martin Rapide S

No, as an adult, you can sit still not comfortable rear. But a facelift has there been anyway. And the engine has again increased performance. Charged it is still not working. The extra power comes rather from more rpm if the need for. With all melodious sound, let us pause for a moment at 21.4 l/100 km fuel consumption in city traffic.

After all, it has become 'only' 10,000 euros more expensive, comparatively little for 60 kW (81 HP) and 20 Nm more, an adaptive damper system and 60 kg less kerb weight. The engine was lowered and the design has gained. Whether you notice the extra performance? Anyway, it's a good supplement for the centenary of the company.

LED headlights are not yet available, but the current are framed with LED. The body itself conceals its problematic areas quite well. After all, it is not so easy, to accommodate forward a twelve-cylinder engine as a mid engine with a lot of empty space front of the front axle and rear still rear-seat passengers at naturally low sports car height. The result are for long distances suitable 3 meter wheelbase and unsuitable 5 meters length for the city. 11/13

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