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Mobiles F9




Aston Martin 1933

Aston Martin Le Mans
Displacement1485 cm³
Bore * stroke65 * 112 mm
Engine controlOHV
Max. power52 kW (70 HP)
Rated speed5250 rpm
PowertrainFront engine with rear drive
TransmissionFour speed
Suspension f/rRigid axle, leaf spring
Brakes f/rDrums
Wheelbase2946 mm
Basic weight960 kg
Top speedApprox. 120 km/h
Manufactured1932 - 1936

This is one of the first cars of the serie 1, that begins in 1936 with the introduction of the new 1.5-liter (see below). Bamford has leaved the company long ago and Martin probably have to accept a new corporate management. He has placed too much emphasis on the construction and development of racing cars. The company are facing, in spite of years with money subsidies from outside, bankruptcy. It is saved by the merger of the former sponsors.
The brothers Bertelli bring from their own automotive production a newly constructed engine and the manufacturing facility for the bodywork. Hitherto the company Aston Martin made only driving gears and underbody. Now one can practically offer even the entire car.

Aston Martin
Compression9,5 : 1
Engine controlOHV
Max. power59 kW (80 HP)
Rated speed5250 rpm
Manufactured1934 - 1936

Two liter
Aston Martin
Displacement1950 cm³
Bore * stroke78 * 102 mm
Engine controlOHV
Wheelbase2946 mm
Length4724 mm
Width1651 mm
Tank capacityApprox. 64 liter
Year of manufacture1936