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2019 Alpine A110 S

The 'S' in this case no longer means maximum torque, but 29 kW (40 PS) additionally at a 400/min higher nominal speed. So you have to increase the speed of the engine to get more power. For a turbo engine, these are somewhat unusual speed ranges. It is said that the boost pressure has been increased by 0.4 bar, but this obviously only has an effect from 5000/min on.

The power increase causes a 10 km/h higher top speed. It alleviates a point of criticism, which attested this car for its appearance somewhat too little performance. The tyres are 10 cm wider at the front and rear. The car does not have a mechanical compensation lock, but one speaks of a Brake Torque Vectoring, thus a special tuning of the brakes with loss of traction.

At the chassis you have to expect a bit more hardness, because both the coil springs and the stabilizers have increased the spring rates. Together with a lowering of 4 millimetres this results in a tuning towards more sportiness. The wider Michelin Pilot Sport 4 do the rest. Not exactly beneficial to safety: the ESP can be switched off completely. The Brembos are also available for the A110: Also available in the same orange?

Which brings us to the differences in styling. These are mainly colored and carbon-look details. In the interior the colour of the seams has changed from blue to orange. Otherwise dark even is dominating from the roof. The seats are from Sabelt, even more for dynamic demands and with 13 kg particularly light. Other extras are possible, such as a carbon roof, which is probably the final solution to leave the present price region of 55,000 to 59,000 €. 11/19

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