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2021 Aiways U6

Is this a crossover, a fastback or, as the manufacturer puts it, an SUV coupe? In any case, it is based on the same platform as the U5, which is why we gave it almost the same specs. Apparently, a new model is to follow on this platform every year. Below you can already see a video of the prototype of the U7.

The wide C-pillar seems to suit Chinese rather than European tastes.

One change can be seen directly, namely the chargiing gate on the side above the front wheel. Also the model above is at least equipped with 21-inchers. The underbody is very actively designed. Four vertical line grooves on the sills, so-called air curtains at the front, these are air intakes, supposedly improving the aerodynamics in the wheel arches.

Nevertheless, there is no outstanding cW value, and the lowered door handles don't seem to help either. What the sills open up in terms of looks is covered up again at the rear. At least there is L-shaped LED technology, a continuous light strip, a small and optionally a large spoiler and a fairly low loading sill.

Inside, you can see the Tesla steering wheel, or did Tesla steal from Aiways? The loops on the doors don't quite seem to match the polished ambience. At least there is a steering wheel display, thanks to the open steering wheel even with an unobstructed view and without having to look over it, like in Peugeot cars.

The gear selection could be borrowed from the cockpit of an older aircraft. The touchscreen above it is frameless, at least on the outside. Not only are the seats in this model bright and attractively designed, but there should also be plenty of light falling on them through the glass dome, which is probably standard.

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