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2019 Acura NSX

Originally it was called Honda New Sportscar Experience. Sometime after the foundation of the luxury department Acura it naturally moved there. For Germany it is the second generation of the NSX with slight changes to the model from 2016/17.

Without a doubt a supercar at a price that seems reasonable, but with slight image limitations. In return, it comes as a hybrid with an additional electric front-wheel drive and thus has four engines and supposedly ten radiators.

By the way, you can't enjoy often enough the start with launch control, including open exhaust flaps, because the battery doesn't have that much capacity. It is astonishing that with this super sports car, consumptions of around 10 L/100km are still possible.

The bodywork is a mix of high-strength steels and aluminum, garnished here and there with carbon fibre, e.g. in the roof for an extra charge. In addition to the seats, which provide a great deal of support and yet are still comfortable, the mid-engine sports car offers an amazing amount of suitability for everyday use. However, the luggage compartment is not suitable for trips for two, at best for one golf bag.

The fact that the car itself, with its exciting shape, does not have it easy is proven by the exterior mirrors positioned on long bars. The chassis has recently been reworked and now has more spread when adjusted. Which means: Comfort is now more comfort and sport is more sport.

It has not become any lighter with such an electrical more than complete equipment. 1,800 kg doesn't mean lightness. However, a possible turbo lag has been completely worked out. All in all, it remains a dream in view of the price, but it could certainly use a little more recognition and public presence.

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