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1961 Abarth 1000 Bialbero GT

Years of experience with tuning concepts led to this vehicle, based on the chassis of a Fiat 600. For the time very early is the introduction of disc brakes, even on the rear axle. The engine with more displacement has a cylinder head specially developed by Abarth with two overhead camshafts (Bialbero) and two Weber twin carburetors.

Originally the body was designed by Zagato in 1956, later (partially) adopted by the Carrozzeria Corna. In 1962, the car won the first of five sports car world championships for its class. The first ever built 1000 Bialbero GT was, elaborately restored, auctioned in 2016 by Sothebys in Monterey for more than $ 300,000.

In addition to Ugo Zagato, the engineer Mario Colucci of Abarth is involved in the success of the car. There are countless variations, especially at the rear, while the engine is developed in a straight line. From originally 750 cm3 it increases over always further more displacement to 850 and scarcely 1.000 cm3 . The biggest developmental boost should have been achieved by the new cylinder head.

The 1000 GT is said to have been faster than the Porsche Carrera on the high-speed track in Monza, but on the other hand has shown much more of the stubborn oversteer character, difficult in the handling. The extremely precise steering proved to be helpful in the hands of experts in critical situations. The brakes are beyond reproach. Race clutch, hard chassis and corresponding loadness of engine and transmission are for free. 11/18

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