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Tips for the post

In all modesty we have a few tips here for transporting packages over the last few miles. No, you won't find the way into the future with the street scooter pictured above. It is not for nothing that the project has been on the brink of collapse several times.

Has the street scooter ever actually taken part in an NCAP test??

Shortly after its final appearance, the street scooter was no longer competitive. There were cheaper, industry-based e-vehicles with a similar charging capacity that had significantly more range and performance, especially at the time when the german post started building it itself. It's only surviving at the moment because his costs are disappearing under the enormous boost the Post experienced from the pandemic.

What would we have done differently? We would have taken a certified industrial product or had it converted. Then the guarantee and maintenance would have been secured. And today? We would assume from significantly larger vehicles from the field of light trucks for e-distribution. And a crane that makes it from the second row to behind the sidewalk. You may already have guessed it, like the garbage disposal, we want to stop briefly and then click into the container mounted on a fixed base and lift them into very specific cases on our truck, at least as fast as the garbage collectors. In terms of staff, the drivers would remain, and actually not even them, because the vehicle will soon be able to drive autonomously.

What kind of boxes are these? They would contain, say, 20 cases, assigned to and rented by 20 households in the immediate vicinity. The installation places would again have to be rented from the homeowner. That would be the hardest part of the operation because who likes to have their front yard defaced?

Don't worry, there would be incentives: the owners would have the shortest route to their parcels. And before all else fails, the thing could also be placed in the floor, but only for elevating, the owners would have appropriate rights to the compartments. That would also help prevent vandalism. However, this would require a billable power connection from the house, while otherwise solar panels with small batteries would be sufficient.

Oh yes, by the way, in consultation with the Post's customers, the compartments would all be the same size. And of course the tenants can also use their boxes to send something, combined with electronic contact to the post office. It informs you about new arrivals so that you don't leave your home in vain, even if it's not very far. Of course, boxes are only transported if there is any change.

We come to the presumably new parcel distribution centers in commercial areas in front of the city. There is a kind of copy of every box outside. Each new postal item is immediately distributed to this and initiates a transport. An exchange on site would be possible and much better. We imagine the distribution center as a factory that works almost automatically, including the loading and unloading of the transport vehicles.

However, it should also be possible for tenants of boxes to drive up there and pick up a package if they did not want to wait until the next exchange of the box(es). It could also be one that they did not pick up within the time between two transports. The transports themselves would be better carried out at night, which however requires the boxes to be changed as quietly as possible.

Postmen are still necessary for people who do not like the above-mentioned service or who cannot use it, but this is associated with higher costs, which the social welfare office could also cover if necessary. In any case, the street scooter and lots of e-bikes are not the solution of the future.

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