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Software - Cloze Test 2

1. The sheet is the expression for the summary of the requirements that e.g. a manufacturer has to meet for its own developers and those of its suppliers for a new model imposed.

2. The most important actuators of a hybrid drive (picture above) can be besides the electric motor, e.g. the .

3. If both the combustion engine and the electric motor are driving, this is called an -function.

4. Gasoline with higher number only leads to less consumption or more power, if the engine can be adjusted to it.

5. Here is to be seen a point during the exhaust gas test.

6. Test benches e.g. for a certain suspensions can also be performed on a previously selectable .

7. Again and again the same program parts are best outsourced in a .

8. For program sections running in parallel processes are very important.

9. The microprocessor is represented by the three capital letters .

10. A microcontroller works like a combustion engine in .

11. For a video camera e.g. with hard disk, a recording time in the digit hour range is possible.

12. Data once placed on the internet are in principle not 100% .

13. the 'loading' of a particulate filter can be controlled exactly by .

14. While driving the motor control measures the pressure to determine the loading with particles.

15. An exhaust emission test also according to WLTP consists of two parts, one test first and then a simulated ride on the test bench.

16. Such a test bench must not only absorb torque and hold it accordingly, but must also can give .

17. Even the is mandatory, that the motor has when the test starts.

18 What has been certified in an EU country is then valid for .

19. Software of a certain manufacturer may be read and changed on ones vehicle.

20. The more favourable the efficiency of a Diesel engine, the higher the output of (capital letters).

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