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Software - Cloze Test 1

1. The electronics, for which no characteristic maps and fault memories are possible, i.e. where sensor data must be processed directly, are designated as .

2. The introduction of different bus systems has significantly reduced the amount of .

3 The advantage of the larger share of software for operating a motor vehicle is that it can be changed almost at any time, because it can be changed via connections.

4. Many control units may have moved a little too close to the outer parts of the body, thus reducing the risk of their destruction at an .

5. If you want to know whether the cabling to an actuator, its control and function are OK, the fastest way to do this is via a .

6. Car sharing clearly works better if it has the necessary that shows, for example, the location of the new car to rent and enables a reservation.

7. If you want a group of programmers to start a new programming project, it is a task not to be underestimated, to it to the participants.

8. As soon as e.g. two control devices are to process the values of one and the same sensor, a may be useful.

9. Highly developed driving would be completely impossible without software.

10. The more systems extend to all possible ranges, the stronger the call for .

11. Of all bus systems, only the LIN bus may penetrate into areas of the vehicle which are easily accessible from the outside, because the other bus systems for are possible to access.

12. A special point of attack is the between the car and user being outside.

13. All LED indicators informating about a safety or environmental risk and/or serious damage are when they light up.

14. One may have the impression that the software has special tasks with a combustion engine as well as with a pure E-car, but almost even more with a drive.

15 There is no doubt that the development of software is of great importance. These systems must be completely safe in road traffic. So are almost even more important.

16. By the way, software is easier to copy than .

17. A collection of data which, for each resulting operating condition, provides the appropriate value to be set, e.g. for the ignition adjustment, is called a .

18. For faster generation of programming codes may be useful.

19. Safety considerations are absolutely essential for programmes for special tests. For example, when testing ESP test braking of single wheels only up to certain, allow a particularly low .

20. In order to combine programs which are absolutely necessary for their basic functions in a control unit and are therefore usually unchangeable, the following are designated as .

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