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For example, you read in the newspaper that engine damage caused by electronics rose from 9 to 10 percent last year and that electronics account for 20 percent of the frequency of vehicle repairs. There are more and more functions that are controlled or regulated via software. In a word, the complexity is growing and hopefully one day we won't reach the point where no one can see through it anymore and you have to rely exclusively on diagnostic software.

The only thing that really helps is the division into controllable systems with manageable interfaces. It has always been a good plan to put complex systems into operation one after the other. Or even better expressed, you test them separately from the others and only then integrate them.

Please keep in mind that, as already shown, different companies often have to work not directly with each other, but at least hand in hand. Of course, the car is actually divided into different areas such as the power plant and chassis. The bus systems are then placed above, with entire areas such as multimedia consisting largely of such a system.

The bus system on the inside is countered by the increasing networking to the outside. And that's not entirely on one level either, it's flanked by subsystems. These are three things that newly integrated systems need, as long as they don't just consist of software:

1. Installation space,
2. Installation space,
3. To be integrated into production as easily as possible.

In doing so, we silently assume that the basic requirements for the new system are met anyway, i.e. it works, has the ergonomics and benefits as intended.

Oh yes, we almost forgot about the other vehicles in the fleet. In the best case scenario, the variety of functions can remain the same. It happens more often that the cheaper vehicles have to slim down or have correspondingly cheaper hardware. One can also imagine the discussion between, for example, experts for body work and those from data processing regarding the accommodation of devices and the possible additional effort to be torturous.

What has of course always existed is the basic conflict between technicians and business people or between development, production, their control and sales. Again, up to this point we have ignored the legislative authority, patent law and product liability. Introducing a change to the software into the series so quickly is probably the idea of a layperson.

The use of computers can make sense already for the technical part of these problems. So not software for the function of the vehicle, but for its development.

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