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 Engine Oil-Finder

Sensors - Cloze Test

1. Only because of the error message like 'mixture too rich' you should not exchange e.g. the .

2. By targeting to isolate the error(s), you can save a lot of unnecessary output.

3. Even in certain cases a , the third important part when looking for errors to envisage can really not harm in trying.

4. Each other has the disadvantage compared to the brand workshop, not over a certain statistic of the split according to certain models available.

5. They can try, albeit not indefinitely, to fix the error(s) by targeted faster.

6. For all others the saying should apply: is well rewarded.

7. There are wonderful possibilities to go through your theory again, before you really get stuck into expenditure.

8. If the system reports e.g. an error to injector 4, you could it to see if the error is moving.

9. Sometimes even the only partial removal of a component can be useful while keeping its .

10. However, with this procedure the regulations for are of particular importance.

11. Consider gasoline, yes even is easily flammable in a hot engine compartment.

12. Of course the knowledge to be gained while driving is particularly helpful, but nevertheless it is necessary that the driver and co-driver while sitting in the vehicle and do not endanger themselves in any way.

13. And remember, the don't expect that you are willing to test e.g. the brakes.

14. Compared to mechanics, electronics usually have the unpleasant property of a defect without .

15. If you want to develop slowly from a beginner to a professional in the field of electronics as well, the purchase of an (picture above) almost inevitable.

16. But again a lot of consideration is required. Should there also be important hints during the journey or only be used.

17. The latter are .

18. Speed plays a big role and two should not be missed.

19. By the way almost every device can be taken along while driving, if it only does not need too much current and a is taken along.

20. There is, however, one type of fault that disappears whenever the car approaches a workshop or any specialist. It is usually stored in the error memory as .

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