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  Air Conditioning - Cloze Test

1. An air conditioner is said to be good for the accident insurance.

2. Besides direct heat transfer in summer, the of the sun causes problems.

3. If the air conditioner can be automated by setting a certain temperature, many manufacturers call it .

4. In winter automatic air conditioners are used to reduce the significantly.

5. In connection with such an air conditioning system today's drivers expect that for both sides different can be set.

6. It is noteworthy that the maintenance of an air conditioner is not necessarily part of a .

7. A hermetically sealed, air-conditioned vehicle avoids which may cause health problems.

8. In addition to the pure maintenance of the air conditioning system, it is also important to replace the .

9. In the worst case, the water tank before the windscreen under the hood can be .

10. The VW Beetle was so that sometimes it was difficult to close the last door.

11. One air-refrigerant heat exchanger is the condenser, the other is the .

12. In the condenser the refrigerant becomes .

13. The pipes for the refrigerant are generally smaller in diameter than those of the .

14. Even in vehicles with internal combustion engine the pump of the air conditioning system can be electrically driven, if e.g. for CO2-reduction is possible.

15. In the refrigerant circuit, the part passing through the is usually under a significantly higher pressure.

16. Before the refrigerant enters the compressor, it must be .

17. If a circuit with refrigerant is opened improperly, it evaporates, absolutely critical for the ,

18 The expansion valve can set a fixed pressure, but it can also be connected to the of the evaporator.

19. The higher the pressure set by the expansion valve, the stronger the is burdened.

20. By the way, to make steam from liquid water, you need about five times as much as when heating it from 0 to 100°C.

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