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This is a complete cooling, charge air and condenser unit for buses. The charge air cooler at the front in the direction of flow can be folded away to access the air conditioning condenser and clean it. The frame is made of stainless steel and the nozzles for the charge air cooler must of course be adapted to the movement.

The air conditioning system of a MAN TGX (picture) is made up of two parts and also makes possibel addionally air conditioning when stationary. Filters, flaps, heat sinks and parts of the sensors are mounted outside the cabin. Inside the cabin, the cooled air is distributed by servomotors, for example. The remaining sensors and the control unit are also here.

The air conditioning system mounted on the roof of a bus (picture) includes a powerful compressor, e.g. with magnetic clutch. From the rear, next to the engine, the pressure line leads to the condenser of the system shown in the picture.

The fans ensure sufficient air flow. This removes heat from the coolant as it liquefies. The downstream coolant collector is slightly larger than that used in cars. In any case, despite the extremely different operating ranges of a bus, it ensures that only liquid coolant is fed to the downstream expansion valve.

Compact air conditioning

The filter dryer is placed in between. The expansion valve then has its main working area in the access to the evaporator. A sensor at its outlet may be sufficient to ensure that the evaporator is not supplied with any more coolant, which could also evaporate. There are also a number of blowers for the evaporator.

Driver's seat air conditioning unit for coaches

For coaches, air ducts to the passengers are often not sufficient. Here, the temperature is transferred to a coolant (picture below), which then comes closer to the passengers through liquid ducts, e.g. under the roof, and ultimately heats or cools air streams there.

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