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  Body - Luggage/Load Compartment 4

Noble the world perishes. With sparkling wine on the left and matching cutlery in the middle for a picnic, this place, which was actually intended for luggage in the Bentley, appears a little strange.

Here we are more in the working atmosphere. In the first stage of expansion, the walls and ceiling are clad with wood. As you can see, additional fasteners can easily be attached there.

This is already more to the point. The interior is clad in lighter colors, and two neon tubes are installed on the ceiling. Every tool and also the material has its place. The doors can be opened up to 270°.

There is also a lot going on with the somewhat smaller commercial vehicles. After all, you can wish the windows to be where you want them.

And where there is too little space inside for sleeping and short-term living, after a long time you switch to a roof tent again. In any case, you are protected from wild animals, too.

This solution is significantly more suitable for longer tours. And with a little luck, it might all fit into the garage at home.

Here you can see a contemplated rotation system to make it easier to find standardized content. And obviously it can also be removed and the cargo space can be used for other material loaded.

Flatbed trucks and shovels for unloading? Although the box is relatively small, it can still be parked as a container and the vehicle can be used for other purposes while it is loaded. And tipping also takes place in a time- saving manner.

Electrically, the vans are no longer lagging far behind the car. Here a vehicle with a loading ramp, e.g. for transporting wheelchair users.

Tail lifts are more common for closed vans. Here is a solution for box vans.

Modern devices for loading, derived from normal forklifts. Transporters can handle up to three Euro pallets. This sometimes also includes displays for the load on the rear axle.

Headroom if you have to work on the workbench and vice in the vehicle due to bad weather. A load compartment that can even be opened from two sides around the corner. Plus drawers with easy-to-move bearing, if necessary one meter or more long. Lately also technical possibilities that tools or materials report in time, if it was forgotten on the construction site.

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