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Hydraulic Brake - Cloze Test 3

1. To convert from a single to a dual circuit brake, only a change of the pipe routing and a new (2 words) is required.

2. The necessary change of the pipes is greater if a division of the brake circuits is to be achieved.

3. Once again for emphasis: the two brake circuits are absolute from each other.

4. If one brake circuit fails, the brake pedal must still have enough to operate the other.

5. In the case of a dual circuit brake, if the brake pedal is not depressed, a travel of two (3 words) to one part of the equalizing reservoir and from the other two to the other part of the reservoir for the brake fluid must be free.

6. Here you can see a tandem master brake cylinder in actuated condition where brake circuit has failed.

7. Since the right piston is located near the (2 words) connecting it to the brake servo, it has a corresponding name.

8. The right brake circuit is usually identified as the and the left one as the designated.

9. Brake circuit 2 has failed here. The piston of brake circuit 1 can only be actuated by moving the piston from brake circuit 1 (2 words) it.

10. If brake circuit 1 fails, its piston moves forward until the of the cylinder.

11. Only then is build up between both pistons.

12. With diagonal division, for example, the brake at the front right brake would be connected to the rear one on the side.

13. Actually, if the circle described in the previous task fails, in the case of braking the car should be pulled to the side.

14. This is successfully prevented by the king pin offset shown here.

15. Even modern trucks brake almost exclusively with brakes.

16. If a drum brake is present on a car, it operates at the rear in the of a disk brake.

17. Drum brakes are usually designed as brakes.

18. The drum brake is currently experiencing a small renaissance in the (2 words) from VW.

19. With the simplex brake a distinction is made between a more effective and a less effective brake shoe.

20. The picture shows a brake.

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