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 History 1:

Car - obviously indispensable.

You can't get the car away. You can't get the car away. We're not saying that because we're a car site. Sorry, but it's a real fact. And it's also no use talking about young people not wanting to own a car.

The may want to live in the city for a while, but at some point, when it's professionally possible, young families might be drawn to the countryside. Not only is it better for the kids, it's also more affordable.

No, we are not referring to the lack of public transport connections in rural areas, but to something completely different. You could say: If it wasn't that, it would be something else.

The phrase that for many people the new car is the biggest investment of their lives is already worn out. Especially since owning a house seems to be disappearing from the possibilities of ordinary people. But that's not it either.

Perhaps it is observations from the time of the pandemic that remind us that, given the amount of free time that modern people have, they need something that keeps them busy and sometimes even fascinates them. But again, that's an exaggeration.

Because for most people, a car might be as important as toilet paper, which was the first product to sell out when the pandemic started. Apparently, many people suddenly became aware of its value for our everyday life.

We are threatened with such a situation because in the course of our lawsuit against VW our car has to be handed in and unfortunately the successor we want will not be available for at least six months. The emphasis is on 'at least'.

Of course, you don't necessarily need a car if you don't need it for work. But rent a car just because of a 2.5 m rod? Or a taxi waiting during the weekend shopping. Or two of them.

There is not only the so-called love for the car, documented in the past by cleaning and minor maintenance work, but now sometimes degenerating into a lot of money for tuning. Or, a little more rarely, the joy of long-distance travel like we used to do.

No, you just use it, don't think about it. It's like clothes that you put on in the morning and take off at night. It's indeed similar, because some people attach great importance to it, clothes or fancy cars or both.

A pandemic has to come first and require us to work from home or generally stay at home in order to remind us of the usually unrestricted freedom of movement by car.

If you are an expert, you will notice that everyone can say something about cars, 'expertly' of course, similar to football. Except that ignorance is perhaps more noticeable here because of the closer proximity to physics.

No, we leave people in their faith. If you want to read, you can, if you don't, don't. People get grumpy when you try to lecture them. Raising awareness is not necessarily desirable, just as perhaps with car dependency.

This is how we step into the history that has led us to manufacture such a complex product worldwide.

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