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If you would like to click on picture 3, you will see a close-up of a circuit board. If you deal with frequent sources of errors in the motor vehicle, you may have heard of the small soldering points on relay circuits, which when damaged can lead to jerkiness and to unwilling starting. Now, you should not necessary save, e.g., the few Euros for for a new relay, indeed, to be able to clearly idenitify an error source, that would be quite something. Now what could provide us with help? The microscope of course.

The operational mode and also the types of microscopes are surprisingly versatile. In the first picture above, an error in the paintwork is being analysed. Thereby, the actuallly damaged area can be much smaller and more concealed.

Perhaps we can give you a further example. We have a prepared (air-cooled) engine, where oil is dripping from the casing. This was even more apparent after we removed all the air deflectors. However, don't believe for a minute that the place in the aluminium-crankshaft-housing could be clearly identified with the naked eye. This also makes the negotiations concerning the guarantee more difficult. One can hardly drive the car anywhere if the cooling is defective. Using such a microscope we could have enlarged the pictures saved in the computer, thus presenting them much better.

Now, just imagine, you are using such a microscope, together with a laptop, even during the test-drive. The only problem is the mounting. A USB-cable can simply and easily be extended. Apart from that, all this can all be had for under €50, what more could one want? 05/12

USD Mikroscope

Smallest design, bright LED light, magnification continuously from 10 to 200-fold, includes software for pictures and video recordings, recording software, live presentation on computer screen, microscope video

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