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On this page of the measuring instruments we find ourselves in a certain dilemma. On the one hand, the anemometers shown here have a price tag of under €50 and certainly do not belong in the category of professional instruments, on the other hand, the use of such devices only makes sense for the developers in the motor vehicle field. Unless, you are planning to start shaping your own spoilers or the wind-deflector of your convertible. With these devices, you can find out the best solution. Indeed, where will you be able to get the necessary official approval?

The name anemometer, a device for measuring wind-speed, comes from the Greek word anemos (wind). It is suitable for measuring the flow of wind inside and outside of the motor vehicle. Also the through-flow of air in the engine compartment and the air-intake are detectable, particularly as some anemometers can store their results. Some devices also have a fan-wheel which is connected to the actual device by a cable. With this device, the workshops can show or compare the effectivity of the ventilators.

However, when we're dealing with aerodynamics, our vehicles cannot be changed all that much. Should anyone wish to make comparisons, one should research the, hopefully, genuine drag-coefficient (cW) values of the manufacturer. In the field of Formula-1 racing, the visual effect of aerodynamics can still really be seen. The aerodynamic improvements are carried out here on various prototypes, in the company's own wind tunnels. Here, thanks to the latest technologies, it can be clarified, where the highest wind-resistance is to be found. Hereby, using the most modern anemometers, both the air-speed and the air-volume is measured.

This type of special anemometer, like the Pitot-tube is not in a position to measure very small wind-speeds. The reason why, is that the measuring of the wind-speed around a Formula-1 car, is actually only possible because of the extremely high speeds and the fact that the the resulting head-wind is very strong. For the measuring of such speeds this type of anemometer has no ceiling. Furthermore, changes in the wind-speed and also the direction can be presented by the device quickly and efficiently. 05/12

Flow measuring instruments: PCE 007

External impeller, data memory, includes case and data cable, measures wind speed and temperature, volumetric flow can be selected, switchable to: C°/F°, m/s, ft/min, knot, km/h, Mph, flexible 1.5 m long impeller cable, including PC software.

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